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Nikita Dawn King,Shaftesbury School,24-28 March 2014.

I think I need to say a big thank you too Corinna and Christopher Garrett! Thank you so much for letting me do my work experience at Jumparoo:) it was amazing the whole lot♥ we have had the most amazing laughs and your company has been amazing! Thanks for letting me paint your faces! Bounce and play was amazing I could do that everyday! Like I keep saying I would rather do that then go to school haha! Thanks for the hot chocolates chris:) I will miss it so much and your company it's been amazing! I will say this once if anyone next year wants a good work experience! Here's your people they are kind caring very good bosses! I know I keep saying this but thank you so so much I enjoyed it! It's so amazing x x x thanks:))) happy me ha.

Nikita thank you so much for your lovely kind words.It was a pleasure having you on board for the week.You have given us valuable experience for the future and you have also opened our eyes as to how much actually goes into Jumparoo.We hope we have given you a good insight to what you can achieve with hard work and determination and remember if you want something go and get it,no matter what other people think.
Work hard play hard and have fun.
Lots of love
Christopher Garrett and Corinna Garrett Jumparoo x x x x x

My week with Jumparoo by Nikita Dawn King

The frist day i was on the school run and then learnt how to do the face-painting and glitter tattoos, as shown by Corinna. I then learnt how to do the bookings for partys and sending email confirmations, as shown by Chris.

The second day i went on the school duty and then when to the Bounce and Play session provided by theJumparoo Company. I was on the tea and coffee duty, then i went and done a puzzle with Byron and Tuleah. Corinna and Chris's children. Then after the session had finished we went to the unit where all the Jumparoo equipment and Corinna shown me around.

The third day Corinna face-painted me and then i face-painted Chris. Then in the afternoon we did some more bookings and looked at some risk assessments, then sorted out some papers.

The fourth day was the all to do with the computer side of the Jumparoo Company. First i did the start of the health and safety manual for when there is partys. Then we went to the Unit, looked at one of the largest bouncy castles. Then me and Chris came back and i did the rest of the health and safety manual, and Chris was answering the bookings and doing some Risk Assessments. Then me and Chris did his Face-painting board for easter.

The Fifth and final day i went on the school run and went to the mothering day assesmbly that the South-Hills school performed for the mums, and then Chris had to do a meeting with the school. Then after that had all finished we came back had lunch, then i helped Corinna with her face-painting board and glitter tattoo ready for easter. Then i sorted out the glitter tattoos into seperate bags. Then sat down and did this which is the review of my week with Jumparoo.